The Comfort of a Warm Kitchen

The recent cold snap was a stark reminder that winter is upon us. If you like the cold weather, you’re probably looking forward with a certain amount of glee to participating in the extensive variety of winter sports that are close to home.

But for some of us, while the great (chilly) outdoors has its draw, there’s nothing quite so comforting as returning home to a warm kitchen and a delicious bowl of hot soup. With the dark days looming, winter is a perfect time to step into the kitchen and try your hand at the culinary arts.

If the warmth of the kitchen alone is not enough of a draw, you might consider the appeal of experimenting with some new flavors. And what better way to branch out from the typical than by trying a new recipe from one of the many cookbooks available at Bookends Used Bookstore.

Looking for just the right cookbook is an art in itself. It certainly depends a great deal on your current level of expertise.

Consider the type of food that makes your mouth water.

Does a certain famous chef appeal to you? Are you drawn to those wonderful photos of piping hot dishes just pulled from the oven? Can you just feel the warmth seeping into the rest of the house as those cookies are baking in the oven?

Or perhaps the smell of freshly baked bread appeals to you. Perhaps winter would be a great time to practice the art of chocolate.

Bookends Used Bookstore is the perfect place to find the perfect cookbook that will help warm your heart as well as your kitchen. We have recently received some very nice donations and leafing through some of these books makes one want to taste something new and delicious.

Invite some friends over … light a fire in the fireplace and serve up a repast selected from your new cookbook. Spend a few hours experimenting — you might be surprised at the results.

So, even as we embrace winter in all of its glorious freshness and bask in the beauty of our own Blue Ridge Mountains, remember that a warm kitchen with a cup of hot cocoa and freshly baked cookies await you. Are you game?

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